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Education – Trends:

Rapid development of technology that we have been observing over the past decade affects many industries and different aspects of human life. Education leveraging technology solutions to improve learning experiences for students is one of them.

The biggest effect of technological revolution on education is that it has made learning process much more interactive and transferred the students from passive listeners to active participants and creators. They are motivated not only to actively participate in the lessons, but also to develop their knowledge outside of the classroom. Content delivery through eLearning platforms makes it possible for students to access it anytime and anywhere they go. Additionally, they can now easily share their doubts and discoveries with their peers through social media, video communication services or synchronous workspaces. Collaborative learning has never been so easy before. Knowledge acquisition becomes a more substantial experience with use of solutions such as virtual reality bringing the outside world to the classroom.

Application of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI), being a crucial element of the technological revolution, is also regularly applied to process improvements in the education industry. It enables introducing more personalised learning by evaluating and adjusting the curriculum to students’ capabilities and requirements. Computers equipped with programs to monitor absence patterns, academic, or even medical records enable educators to take more informed decision concerning their students. AI can be also leveraged to create virtual student advisory services that operate 24/7 and aim to provide support in the learning process.

Thanks to the rapidly developing technology higher education becomes more and more inclusive as many universities offer their courses on online platforms. The courses come from a wide range of departments and are usually concluded with an online exam giving the user a chance to get certified in the given sector of his interest. The accessibility of knowledge has also been improved thanks to the application of cloud storage solutions in the education sector. Teachers can now easily upload any research materials to the Cloud and in less than no time they can be accessed by their students.

When discussing the current technological trends in the education sector, we cannot pass over the subject of gamification which takes on a whole new meaning in the digital era. The concept of transmitting knowledge in the form of game attracts many students to acquire knowledge also in their free time and undoubtfully entails many opportunities for the education industry, but when not applied in moderation, it may become a menace to conventional and effective learning. 


The “Bring-your-own-device” (BYOD) trend is now being replaced with schools providing their students with mobile devices or equipping classrooms with computer sets. This solution, enabled usually by the federal funding, reduces the risk of social exclusion and provides opportunities for students’ IT skills development.

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  1. Nice summary of trends. EdTech is one of the fastest growing sector worldwide, especially during Covid times..

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