RPA market for 2021 & beyond

The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Industry market will continue its rapid growth through 2021. More enterprises are becoming aware of the power of process automation overall and the number of legacy processes & challenges where RPA is an ‘effective’ answer. What is the RPA market for 2021? Forrester has predicted the RPA software market to… Continue reading RPA market for 2021 & beyond

Industry Trends – Education

Education – Trends: Rapid development of technology that we have been observing over the past decade affects many industries and different aspects of human life. Education leveraging technology solutions to improve learning experiences for students is one of them. The biggest effect of technological revolution on education is that it has made learning process much… Continue reading Industry Trends – Education

Industry Trends – Manufacturing

Manufacturing – Trends: Collaborative robots 3D printing -> faster and cheaper production -> ability to manufacture on demand, instead of having to manufacture big amounts and warehouse them Virtual reality product developers can use it to make modifications to products during the product design stage before they go into modelling process Smart factories -> integration… Continue reading Industry Trends – Manufacturing

Industry Trends – Travel & Hospitality

Travel & Hospitality – Trends Intense competition from low cost carriers and international airlines -> driving down fares Airplane infrastructure upgrades to meet customers expectations: Wi-Fi service onboard, power for devices, etc. AI -> more personalised results offered by the travel websitesChat bots provide customers with better service1) Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas -> Rose robot 24/7,… Continue reading Industry Trends – Travel & Hospitality

Industry Trends – Banking

Banking Trends: Cryptocurrencies Cloud-based storage Greater adoption of biometrics for identity-authentication purposes (face, voice, fingerprint, Eye recognition) Digital banking development -> shrinking global bank branches Open Banking -> transferring the ownership of an account information from the banks to the customer -> designed to increase competition within industry Employing AI to help banks provide contextual,… Continue reading Industry Trends – Banking

Industry Trends – Healthcare

Healthcare – Trends mHealth -> medical and public health system supported by mobile devices Diversifying beyond the core hospital -> investing in outpatient services, integrating physician practices Transformation volume to value (payment systems based on fee-for-service; limited focus on outcomes à lower cost, higher quality, information sharing, investment into supporting clinical integration, etc)Connecting to Care… Continue reading Industry Trends – Healthcare