Industry Trends – Healthcare

Healthcare – Trends

  • mHealth -> medical and public health system supported by mobile devices
  • Diversifying beyond the core hospital -> investing in outpatient services, integrating physician practices
  • Transformation volume to value (payment systems based on fee-for-service; limited focus on outcomes à lower cost, higher quality, information sharing, investment into supporting clinical integration, etc)
    Connecting to Care program in Saskatchewan, Canada -> preventing hospitalisations and emergency room visits by including support for medical, mental health, addition treatments, assistance with social needs
  • Cognitive computing dealing with rapidly changing data; can be used to predict, detect patterns in data (e.g. drugs effect on population), classify or combine data to create 360 view of a patient
  • Data stored in a cloud and accessed on an as-needed basis (system based on a blockchain) -> patients being able to access their medical records 24/7
  • Synthetic biology, ability to engineer DNA structure  
  • 3d printing and nanotechnology -> being able to print a tissue, innovators could develop a customised white blood cells to fight cancer cells
  • Biosensors and trackers -> enable earlier intervention
  • Social media as a rich source of data about population health trends
  • Telehealth -> patient’s care options not limited by geolocation; very useful in mental health
  • Internet therapies
  • Mobile devices equipped with tools to measure blood pressure, oxygen level, measure temperature; if entered regularly into mobile patient portals they can help prevent health risks
  • Patient empowerment; bigger access to specialists


  • Shortage of human resources vs rising demand for services
  • Data management and security
  • High black-market value of medical data
  • Consumers demonstrate a lack of trust in traditional health system
  • Unpredictable results of some revolutionary operations, e.g. potential transfer of genes to wild organisms which reproduce

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